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Fast Forward: Pandemic in Paradise

Making sense of chaos is just another day in pretend land until it isn’t just another day

It’s a pandemic.

It’s chaos.

I can’t handle it.

This morning we took a dog walk on the beach surrounded by jungle and monkeys and dramatic mountain views. The water was crystal clear and the sand was baby fine and white as can be. The green of the jungle glistened and hummed in the bright morning sunshine. There were a few people on the beach. Honestly, I was surprised by the amount of people we ran into this morning. People coming to work, locals setting up their makeshift shops along the shade line next to the shore, tourists crawling out of the Westin to take photos of the monkey family crossing along the trees, runners running and taking time to either be annoyed by or smile at our herd of dogs, beach yogis, beachcombers, and other folks out walking their dogs. We all kept a good, solid 6-9 feet distance at least. 

It’s beautiful here in paradise. It’s pretend land here in paradise. 

People haven’t seemed to stop what they’re doing too much. 

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