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Full Moon Bike Ride at Hacienda Pinilla

Have you ridden your bike by the light of the full moon? We have! In what will hopefully become a regular occurrence, Bikecraft Costa Rica threw an amazing night of fun for the whole family at their base shop located in the Hacienda Pinilla community.

This was our first adventure to their new shop, which is attached to the tennis pro shop. It’s a nice size space and it looks like they’re set up to handle most any repairs, and they have a few bikes for sale - those cool new electric ones. We are hopeful they can order us a bike rack.

We meandered out to the party, under lights strung through the massive Guanacaste trees, lit up by mood lights that shifted colors. The moon was just starting to rise.

The first thing we did was put on a helmet and try the awesome bump track the guys have made in their backyard. What a great idea! Because the guys who own the shop (Marco, Armando and Jonathan) also do special events, the place was lit up like a disco and the music was cranking.

When we arrived, kids were mostly running around on the track, but there was one adorable kid on a stride bike just crushing the course with a headlamp on his helmet.

Our boys each donned their helmet and gave it a go. They’re both still super timid on the bikes, so it required Christie’s assistance to some degree, but they had a blast.

For the price of a few tickets, you could grab freshly grilled hamburgers, made to order right by the beer truck. The boys hung their helmets up, grabbed a burger and then ran around the track for a bit.

Later, some old friends showed up and the bigger boys on bigger bikes gave my boys a lesson in courage. I’ve said a lot about the kids and the fun track, but the main part of the evening was an actual moonlight trail ride on some of the more than 40k of trails in HP.

What a beautiful spot! This event was a great way to showcase the shop, and all there is to do on bikes under a full moon. We will look forward to any event Bikecraft CR puts forth.

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