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Mussels, Octopus, Eclectic Art and Uplighting - Sibou is a Must Try

The Reed gang finally made it to the place everyone is talking about. One of our kids’ classmate’s dad is a French chef and has just opened a magnificent new restaurant in Villa Real. Sibou is open for dinner and Sunday brunch and also has an onsite day spa. You can book treatments in one of their magical cabanas and have a gourmet lunch poolside.

But, back to our adventure. One rainy night, we piled into the car and hobbled along ye olde crappy roade (you know I’m talking about the Pinilla/Avellanas gateway) to Sibou, a mere 7 minute drive from our house. Take a right after Gollo, drive back that way past the basketball courts and veer slightly left. Sibou is on the right. You cannot miss it.

You will be greeted by the gorgeous entrance, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation uplit perfectly. Park and walk down the pebble path, past the spa on the left (still need to try) and at the end you’ll find the huge pool, perfect for the boys to carouse in, and plenty of seating, both under roof and some outside. There’s even a couple of private poolside dining areas, perfect for your vacation gathering or a girls' night out.

Fabien greeted us warmly and sat us near the pool so we could keep an eye on the kids. He even kindly provided towels for them, not sure if I should be offering that information up, but he did. We ordered drinks and looked over the menu. There are so many things I want to try.

Honestly, for the two of us who haven’t been back to Nantucket (and Langudoc) in way too long, it was so exciting to see such yummy French offerings. Happy dance. Benjamin ordered a burger (go figure) and, as Courtland is wont to do, he ordered the octopus.

I had a starter salad, Christie had a starter soup and we ordered mussels and pork with polenta. My salad was fresh, full of flavor and seasoned perfectly with a housemade vinaigrette. But, by the time I was a third of the way into it, I knew I’d ordered too much. I thought the portions would be much smaller, but they’re not. I’m not complaining, I was simply embarrassed I’d ordered too much.

The mussels came in a steaming hot tin, piled high to the sky and covered in delicious broth. They are huge and they’re unbelievably good. Courtland’s octopus was a hit, Benjamin plowed through the burger and Christie took her polenta home. I actually took my mussels home and ate them the next day - they were that good.

Someone will have to roll me out, I thought. Before that could happen, our server delivered an after dinner flight of shots, alcoholic for us and non-alcoholic for the kids, which is a nice touch. They were presented on a board with smoking rosemary. I love that. And, even though I was dreadfully full, I sipped it down just fine.

Please, if you have not yet done so, try Sibou. Fabien and his staff have created an incredible experience from the thoughtful approach to aesthetics to the inclusiveness of children, and an inventive offering of tastes, we loved it. We’ll be back, especially since it’s so close to home.

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