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Pandemic Episodes: Weathering the Storm in Paradise

We don’t eat cake by the ocean, and we’re not superheroes, but we do eat cake that we bake and we do wear masks

Greetings from another perfectly gorgeous day here in paradise, surrounded by swaying palms, crashing ocean waves, and a litany of tropical birds sounding out their daily business.

Currently, we are on spring break from school which, for us, is over two weeks long. The kids are home and anything educational we ask of them is met with heavy resistance often accompanied by groans, eye rolling and sometimes kicking. 

baked everything I know how to bake and some more stuff I really have no skill to be attempting. And that was all in the previous two weeks. We are now out of the precious Penzey’s vanilla and cinnamon I brought down in January. What does one bake with almond extract, cornstarch, baking soda, whole wheat flour and molasses? Asking for a friend.

My wife is the nominated individual who interacts with the world for us. In other words, she is doing grocery shopping these days. Hence, the baking pantry deficit.

Our neighborhood is quiet. We see friends from a safe distance riding skateboards and bikes. The boys walk the dogs twice a day with my wife and I’m enjoying the trails now that my back is in the third month of recovery. Again, keeping safe distance, because the trails are filled with other people trying to escape their families. 

Elmer, our charming pool guy is still coming, thank goodness, because we’re one of the lucky few with a private pool and it is a huge distraction. I’ve managed to get the boys in it the last four days with a game I like to call, “Hit them in the face with a bouncy ball if I can.” They love it – boys are funny.

We still have food delivery and we’ve sampled some this week. We ordered from Xanadu, a new place three minutes from our house. The burgers and fries are delicious but they also serve thai noodles and wings.

Eat local, support your neighbors

The residential beach club is still delivering and that’s been a lifesaver. It also provides a way for us to see familiar faces and put some extra cash in their pockets, from a safe distance. Tonight we are giving the local taco place Amigos a try. We are very excited for taco night (and burritos and bowls). Huge thanks to all the nearby restaurants that are staying open and offering such a great selection of takeaway and delivery options. We are very thankful.

In related quarantine news, I have gained at least 10 pounds in the last two weeks. Before you say it, yes! It’s the diet. For sure. 

I am throwing back the vodka and the bread. And cake.

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